Weekend Update

by libby

Well, we still have more work to do today, however, here are pictures with some progress so far.
We can see the floor in the master bedroom!  Which also means we can start taping and painting those baseboards.  FYI the doors and door frames will also be painted white to match.

Still painting in the bathroom, we’ve made great progress on the trim.  Covering up the light blue has been a pain!

I love the way the white really pops against that dark, dark gray.


Downstairs, I’ve made major progress in the living room – the trim is COMPLETELY stripped and sanded (no easy task), and I started cutting in with the primer.

Good bye, purple!  Yes, I loved that color and painted my bedroom that color…when I was 12.  Just the primer is already lightening and brightening the room!

Today we’ve continued the process, and started adding the first coat of COLOR – “Waterscape”, by Sherwin Williams.  I absolutely adore this color.  In just starting to put this on the wall, I’m already envisioning the finished room with filmy curtains, furniture, pictures, details.

We are moving along!